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Google Adds a New Criteria to its’ Ranking Algorithm – Go HTTPS

August 13, 2014

Right, so here we go again. It’s enough with the animals, the most recent being Pigeon which looked at local search. Google has announced on Webmaster Central Blog that a site served on an HTTPS version will benefit in search results, even if only a little. Much as already been written about this and of course the debate rages on.…

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Playing with Google’s New Answer Box Functionality & the Knowledge Graph

March 27, 2014

A recent update of Google’s Knowledge Graph will see a sizable shift in how results are displayed. Dr Pete from Moz (who I wrote about in an earlier post) has a really interesting write up on an update to the Knowledge Graph that has gone relatively unnoticed. Have you ever typed something into Google which results in your answer appearing…

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Interning at AMIRE, life’s a beach!

March 26, 2014

Entry level marketing job. Awesome I say and click on the link and start reading the job description: “fun working culture” tick “We work on some big clients” tick “Training and room for growth” tick “2+ years experience…” ….Hold on a second I thought this was an entry level job! After finishing a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing at…

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AMIRE celebrates 1st birthday!!

March 3, 2014

WOW! What a year!!! AMIRE Pty Ltd  had its first birthday on March 1st 2014. This time last year we had just moved into our new office exploding with excitement and the trepidation that comes with setting up a new business. We knew it wouldn’t be easy; however we were confident our experience and ambition would see us through our…

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SEO? Search Engine WHAT??

February 26, 2014

Stated by the wise and very talented Amye Saunders, “SEO was never easy…and it still isn’t”. Well she definitely got that right! I realised this to be true when I started off as an intern at AMIRE Strategic Digital Marketing. Stepping into the office on the first day was a daunting feeling. I did not have any previous training or…

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AMIRE selected to run Search Marketing training at UTS

January 21, 2014

We’re excited to announce that AMIRE have been selected to be the lead trainers in Search Marketing at the new Digital Marketing course at UTS (University of Technology Sydney). The Digital Marketing Executive Certificate covers a range of digital disciplines and is aimed at marketing professionals. AMIRE have been chosen by Santoku who will manage this qualification to ensure the…

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Google Secure Search Increases % of "(not provided)"

September 25, 2013

Ooooops they did it again! Something that started mildly in October 2011 is reaching a crescendo…… You know that ‘ole chestnut (i.e. corporate motto) from Google “Don’t be evil”? Sssshh, I don’t think anyone is buying that. So what have they done now you say? Well, it all started in 2011 when the illustrious Matt Cutts announced that Google would be…

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You’ll receive an Organic traffic increase in August 2013

September 17, 2013

In the latter end of 2012 we saw organic search traffic take a rather large dive. When Apple released iOS6 a strange thing happened. Safari, the browser used, was re-routing Google search traffic through an encrypted version of Google. The result? Organic search traffic could not be attributed to search. Instead all of this traffic was being given to ‘direct’…

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My Internship Experience in SEO and Online Marketing in Sydney

September 2, 2013

Who am I? Yes, that’s a good question. When it comes from an IT perspective I don’t know really who am I? Today I know some subjects and then by tomorrow I have to update myself!!!!! My name is Aida Khamseh Safa and I have a Master’s degree in IT from Macquarie University in 2012. My work experience goes back…

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