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Ready to dive into some of the most innovative and creative campaigns of 2023? From the iconic Sydney Opera House to the emerging Aussie gaming streamers featured in Twitch and 5Gum’s remarkable and unique marketing campaign, these recent digital marketing campaigns will inspire and motivate you to take your marketing game to new heights. So, sit back and explore the best digital marketing campaigns 2023!

Sydney Opera House Play It Safe

Play It Safe is a very ironic musical tribute to mark the 50 years of culture and creativity the Sydney Opera House has been home to. Though today, the Sydney Opera House is one of the world’s most celebrated cultural landmarks, when it was built, much of the media criticised this unusual building, and the video acknowledges this. But what if the beautiful, unique Sydney Opera House creators had listened to this criticism? All the Australian artists featured in the video by Accenture Song’s The Monkeys creative agency would never have had the chance to perform and play in this stunning piece of architecture!

Image source: Sydney Opera House

Bailey Nelson

When the Australian eyewear retail chain Bailey Nelson wanted to build their reputation in the market, they knew a simple, generic ad wouldn’t cut it. The affordable eyewear brand had to create something memorable to get its reputation out there. Like using Paid Search, Bailey Nelson needed to stand out from their pricier competitors. That’s why, combined with the video advertising partner Vidico, Bailey Nelson produced a video explaining their mission of making every Aussie face from the substitute maths teacher look incredible. With comedic scenes like the analogy of a pub selling glasses with no pint, Bailey Nelson has cemented themselves as a fresh, energetic, stylish glasses brand! You no longer have to pay money or look funny.


Now, this is a truly unique digital marketing campaign 2023! The Lexus car brand, combined with the BBC StoryWorks Agency, created an interactive road trip story about the brand’s all-electric UX 300e SUV. The interactive tale involved the UX 300e going on a road trip through New South Wales. The road trip plan highlighted critical features of the UX 300e and its ability to keep going while also drawing attention to certain attractions in the area and charging points!

The road trip itinerary also highlighted partners of Lexus, like the charging company ChargeFox and the Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley resort.

My Muscle Chef

Have you heard of My Muscle Chef? They’re an Australian meal delivery service that offers high-protein, premium lunch and dinner options, perfect for busy and active lifestyles—a unique enough niche, but still within a competitive industry. Thus, My Muscle Chef needed a great partner to help them grow without relying on the usual “50% off your fourth box” type. 

This is where Commission Factory came in. With introductory sessions and publisher meetings, My Muscle Chef was able to describe their unique brand goals, explaining their plan of driving sales without the discount deals of their competitors. The impressive influencer partnership campaign they produced, such as with the Hanna sisters – @eatingupwiththehannshians – and offering cashback and loyalty relationships helped them spread the brand awareness they needed to gain massive audiences and extend their equity! A great use of social media.

Image source: Commission Factory

Twitch X 5 Gum

Did you know that the largest demographic of gum chewers is under-25s? And what’s the best way to reach out to these youthful Gen-Zers? Through a bunch of Aussie gaming streamers, of course! The online streaming platform worked with 5 Gum to create Team Clutch. This was a team of new emerging Australian gaming streamers. Twitch linked “clutch” gaming moments with the 5 Gum brand to connect with Gen Z naturally and authentically – an even more effective way of reaching the right people than Programmatic Advertising! Team Clutch had three live streams together, with the streamers tackling cool 5 Gum challenges within favourite titles like Fortnite. The challenges all epitomised 5 Gum’s ‘Life happens in 5’ slogan. During each event, viewers had the option of seeing all the streamers together on a single screen or focusing on an individual streamer for close-up views of the action.

Online video game digital marketing in 2023 campaigns is a phenomenon that has been around for a while, with banner ads and even in-game ads appearing since the early days of MMOs. However, they’re still an evolving space, and exceptionally creative campaigns are always engaging!

Chief Executive Women

Chief Executive Women was a ground-breaking new campaign in partnership with Matlab to deal with sexual harassment at the board level. Though the Human Rights Commission says 72% of people have experienced sexual harassment, only 17% of the people affected felt able to report it. 

Chief Executive Women and Matlab began discussing an internal communications strategy that would enable its members to have “courageous conversations” about sexual harassment at the board level. They then delivered further tools and techniques for turning these conversations into actions. Mahlab talked with a working group of CEW members to get their lived experiences, and the insights they needed to develop the Respect is Everyone’s Business (RIEB) toolkit.

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