Corporate Social Responsibility

Tread the earth efficiently

How you dispose of the waste your business generates, its impact on the planet, how you look after others – are all parts corporate social responsibility (or CSR). As is the need to help those less fortunate than you – which is why make regular donations through our CSR commitments.

Social impacts are business impacts in a converged world.

So apart from being the right thing to do it’s a great business idea for businesses to reduce or eliminate their negative impacts, and make positive impacts. Sometimes it’s only a small cost to the business, but sometimes you need to make the big calls – otherwise the world will do it for you. All too esoteric and heavy for this time of the day? Like the noble prize winner – Bob Dylan once[S1] said: ‘times, they are a changin’

corporate social responsibility

social responsibility

At AMIRE, we contribute positively to the global community, making a difference to those less fortunate than us. We firmly believe that the luck we have in living in one of the best cities – and countries – should be shared. We hold the values including community, charity and an environmentally responsible workflow very dearly. As such, we make it a point to donate regularly to some of our favourite charities, including UNICEF Australia,  The Fred Hollows Foundation, Cancer Council Australia, Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia and Mummy’s Wish.

We love to recognise the valuable work not-for-profits do in our community, by offering value-added services or discounts to our NFP clients. We at AMIRE are lucky to work closely with several NFP organisations, and understand the huge challenges they face to simply keep their doors open, let alone conduct the priceless work they do.

We’re marketers; it’s what we do best. We exist in a world driven by data, and we thrive on producing tangible results. Similarly, we’re committed to demonstrating tangible results in how we make a difference to our community. Stick around, and you’ll see exactly how we do this!

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