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4 Ways Jeremy Clarkson Could Be Redeemed By Solid Reputation Management

March 27, 2015

[one_half] Jeremy Clarkson is a household name for car enthusiasts all over the world. He is the quintessential wisecracker presenter, whose name has become almost synonymous with the brand “Top Gear”. For many Jeremy Clarkson is Top Gear, and Top Gear is Jeremy Clarkson. But then, the unexpected happened. Recently, the BBC sacked Jeremy Clarkson following a row, which involved him…

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Stan TV & the "Better Call Saul" Experience

February 10, 2015

I love technology when it makes my life more fun. I like it better when it’s easy. I’m a fan of a number of TV shows out of the US like Orange is the New Black, Games of Thrones etc. but not enough to go through the hassle of setting up NetFlix from Australia. So, like most people I am…

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AMIRE sponsor the Cromer Golf Club Pro-Am

January 23, 2015

The AMIRE team was excited this week to sponsor the Pro-Am event held at Cromer Golf Club on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. A fun day was had by all on Cromer’s stunning golf course, we even managed to avoid the rain forecast earlier in the day. [responsive][/responsive][responsive][/responsive] The Pro-Am was a great opportunity to advertise not only the AMIRE brand, but…

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SEO Internship to SEO Executive: The Transition from Intern to Employee

November 26, 2014

One day you’re an SEO intern, and the next you’re a full time employee with the title SEO executive. This is a story of my transition from a university graduate to a marketing professional. This is how the story begins… You would have been asked ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ Well I wanted to be…

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Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak the New Professor at UTS

October 23, 2014

The iconic innovator, inventor and Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak will be the new adjunct professor at UTS. He will become a key contributor to UTS’s ‘Magic Lab’, which is known as their Innovation and Enterprise Research Lab. As a technological pioneer, Steve Wozniak has given a voice to innovation, creativity and ingenuity. Steve Wozniak has never previously accepted a position…

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The Demise of Google Authorship

August 29, 2014

Here’s some news about a recent change in Google that was strongly recommended in recent months. We have been advising clients about the benefits of using Authorship mark-up (a Google experiment over the last three years) for their content. Most recently Google announced that they would be removing author photos from search results as: [one_half] – There wasn’t data to…

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Google Adds a New Criteria to its’ Ranking Algorithm – Go HTTPS

August 13, 2014

Right, so here we go again. It’s enough with the animals, the most recent being Pigeon which looked at local search. Google has announced on Webmaster Central Blog that a site served on an HTTPS version will benefit in search results, even if only a little. Much as already been written about this and of course the debate rages on.…

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Playing with Google’s New Answer Box Functionality & the Knowledge Graph

March 27, 2014

A recent update of Google’s Knowledge Graph will see a sizable shift in how results are displayed. Dr Pete from Moz (who I wrote about in an earlier post) has a really interesting write up on an update to the Knowledge Graph that has gone relatively unnoticed. Have you ever typed something into Google which results in your answer appearing…

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Interning at AMIRE, life’s a beach!

March 26, 2014

Entry level marketing job. Awesome I say and click on the link and start reading the job description: “fun working culture” tick “We work on some big clients” tick “Training and room for growth” tick “2+ years experience…” ….Hold on a second I thought this was an entry level job! After finishing a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing at…

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