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Stated by the wise and very talented Amye Saunders, “SEO was never easy…and it still isn’t”.

Well she definitely got that right! I realised this to be true when I started off as an intern at AMIRE Strategic Digital Marketing. Stepping into the office on the first day was a daunting feeling. I did not have any previous training or extensive knowledge about search engine optimisation. However, with guidance from the two directors of AMIRE, Sean Rooney and Amye Saunders, I would finally learn the ropes.

Starting from the basics of SEO and the tools and analytics applied, to being able to optimise content and provide suggestions for improvement. I have enhanced my knowledge immensely. I was also given the opportunity to attend meetings and workshops held for clients. This further exposed me to the marketing field and understanding the significance of digital marketing, which is forever changing. During the SEO workshop, I was astonished at how much I understood and knew. I had greatly increased my horizons within the first few weeks of starting my internship.

And to put the cherry on top, I also completed my Inbound Marketing Certification which helped me comprehend the importance of content and customer value in SEO.


My time at AMIRE proved to be more than just a place of work. With Sean’s humorous…humour and Amye’s liking towards the God of Rap, Eminem, the days never seemed dull. Lunch time was spent sitting in a park among the luscious weeds and biting insects. With Manly not so far away, it is the perfect location for beach goers.

This internship was a worthwhile experience, providing me with valuable knowledge which I can implement in my future endeavours, and has broadened my understanding of marketing.