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Entry level marketing job. Awesome I say and click on the link and start reading the job description:

Job Search

“fun working culture” tick

“We work on some big clients” tick

“Training and room for growth” tick

“2+ years experience…”

….Hold on a second I thought this was an entry level job!

After finishing a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing at Macquarie University in 2013 I went on an amazing backpacking trip around Europe with some friends.  I had the time of my life spending every cent to my name and coming back to…well no money and no job BUT a shiny new degree to my name.

Let the job hunt begin!

I wanted to get myself some practical experience and to learn about the ever growing digital marketing environment and hence I begun interning at AMIRE.  I remember the first day leaning what I would be educated on in the coming three months and thinking… okaaaaaay I have my work cut out for me here, being anything but a typical computer nerd.  I am ever curious and hungry for information and especially at the beginning it was a thousand questions a minute in my mind. In saying that I have never met two more patient people than the directors, Sean and Amye guiding me throughout the program. As I approached the three month mark at AMIRE I could definitely see my potential skyrocket from all the hands on experience and guidance of Sean and Amye.

I’ve not only learnt a huge amount but I have had a great time working within the team at AMIRE and have definitely had a few stories to share along the way.

  • Friday team lunches spent in the sunshine at Manly
  • Speed boating around Manly and wining and dining for our Christmas party
  • Rapping the theme song to fresh prince of Bel Air to prove myself to the rap queen herself – Amye
  • Dumping the entire two dollar shop worth of Christmas decorations around the office
  • Perfect mid-week breaks for our weekly coffee Wednesdays
  • Constant pranks from Sean including making me think I had to go shark diving, printing me off fake tickets, letting me panic; featuring – sweating and palpitations for 10 minutes THEN then spilling it was a joke.

Working as a strategic digital marketing executive at Amire over the last three months was invaluable and a lot of fun and I can very safety say I am now fully digitally equipped and hungry for my next marketing adventure!