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The iconic innovator, inventor and Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak will be the new adjunct professor at UTS. He will become a key contributor to UTS’s ‘Magic Lab’, which is known as their Innovation and Enterprise Research Lab. As a technological pioneer, Steve Wozniak has given a voice to innovation, creativity and ingenuity. Steve Wozniak has never previously accepted a position of this kind at any other university in the world, and frankly we’re excited.


So here is everything you need to know about Steve Wozniak’s professorship at UTS:

  • Steve Wozniak has accepted the position of adjunct professor at the University of Technology, Sydney, and is expected to be visiting UTS up to 3 times per year.
  • He will be working directly with students and staff in the UTS Magic Lab, in their faculty of Engineering and IT. I have a sudden urge to abandon my post at AMIRE, and enrol into any course in UTS’s Engineering and IT faculty.
  • Woz has openly mentioned his intentions of living in Australia. He applied for his Australian Citizenship in 2012. Just to break this down, Woz will most likely be living in Sydney, which means I can definitely watch him sleep.
  • Students in Australia are now given access to a powerful individual who has contributed a great deal to the world. Woz will be a mentor to his students, and will undoubtedly drive them to innovation, and technological break-throughs.

With Steve Wozniak teaching at UTS, we will be in reaching distance of a pure genius. A man that single handedly changed the face of computing and technology. Don’t blame me if I go to one of his lectures, steal his tissue, and get it framed to hang up on my wall. (Insert hyperventilation here)

If you hadn’t heard, AMIRE are currently the digital marketing trainers at UTS. This means by UTS association, which is associated with Steve Wozniak, which in turn makes us at AMIRE geniuses by association? Too far? Okay maybe not geniuses in the same field, but we can be deemed geniuses at digital marketing and SEO!

By association, we could all be considered geniuses if we associate ourselves with UTS. So if you’re interested in digital marketing, and would like to learn more, why not have a read of our AMIRE selected to run search marketing at UTS blog post.

Last time I checked, Steve hadn’t mentioned anything about being a genius at marketing. Although, I guarantee Steve could probably invent a robot that can do my job better than me. Actually why don’t we just keep that between ourselves. To that point it’s time for me to shut up! Good day to you!

*photo credit: http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/176250-apple-should-consider-building-an-android-phone-says-co-founder-steve-wozniak