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The new decade is here, and there’s much to analyse as you develop your SEO strategy for 2020 and beyond. This means keeping on top of the latest SEO trends. Failure to do so could mean you lose valuable engagement with the crowd you are trying to reach. To help you start the decade in the right way, we’ve picked out the most significant SEO trends to incorporate for your 2020 strategy.

1 – Making Relevant Content

When Google introduced RankBrain a few years ago, it gained the ability to read your content and interpret its meaning. This makes high-quality and relevant content your main SEO focus this year. The AI will compare your content to your headings to check for relevance, and posting content that deviates from your headings can lead to stiff penalties.

Your content should contain relevant keywords, and these must not be ‘stuffed’. Write your content for your readers and not for the search engines. As a bonus, your readers are more likely to recommend relevant content to others.

2020 will see a heavy shift towards content, the content on your website should be more niched. People are expecting a story; they want to relate to what you put out there. Connecting with your audience and interacting with them should be your main focus for 2020.

2 – Reaching Beyond Google

Today, Google is the most significant driver and source of traffic for websites. However, Apple and Amazon are quickly coming into their own, as well as the various app stores provided by the big players, and SEO matters for them too. Rethink google heavy focus, and include these other ways for people to find your content.

Any videos have to rank on Google’s search engine results as well as with any third-party platforms they may be hosted on, such as YouTube or Dailymotion. You need to design a multifaceted approach and use it on all of your content. Focus on strategies you can use to rank in the search engine results pages (SERPS), as well as increasing your overall visibility. Your goal is to optimise the entire user search experience and to make sure your website meets your users’ needs.

Social Media overall is another way of driving traffic to your website. How do people find you on Instagram? Is your content showing up for the relevant searches or is it lost in the deep sea of dead content? There are many approaches people are implementing in order to reach new crowds over social media if you don’t have a Social Media SEO strategy here you need one ASAP.

3 – Interactive web content

On-page optimisation is critical, and something as simple as having on-page SEO can boost your search result rankings. Since this is a continuous process, you’ll have to revisit it and optimise it again and again throughout 2020, and beyond, in order to stay on top. You should include a short conversion process, answers to user queries, high-quality content, chatbots or live chat, and efficient internal search mechanisms. Interaction is key.  Is your content interactive enough and does it keep your users engaged with your content?

Moving forward

SEO in 2020 is content-driven. Tell a story, engage your users and nurture that relationship. Forget the day where you simply smash out content to post for the sake of posting, if 2020 were to have a slogan it will be ‘quality before quantity’.

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