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Google Ads

Reach more people, engage with a
market develop a reputation for
quality Google ads.

Why use Google Ads?


Google is the world’s largest search engine that is the pre-eminent choice by almost every country in the world.
Google Ads refers to marketing your ads online using Google’s Search Engine Marketing (SEM) paid platform
which appear above & below organic search results.

If a member of the public or a business wants to find out about your business, the first point of call will be to try
and search for it using Google.

To make your business more visible on the web,
you need to integrate digital marketing techniques that will optimise
your exposure and build sales traction.

Digital marketing strategists constantly learn more about how Google functions so that they can assist
their clients in the best possible manner. Google continuously improves its search functionality and those
who understand how it works best can help their clients achieve better lower conversion cost and cheaper
sales. Google Ads should always play a role in businesses digital marketing strategy as it should provide an
instant boost to the business with a very measurable Return On Investment (ROI).

What are the key questions to consider
when crafting a Google Ads Strategy?



Which locations, suburbs or regions
are we targeting?

Will we use different strategies based
on localities?

Is our Google Ads strategy working
with our SEO strategy?



What’s our budget allocation for
Google Ads?

How are we splitting up our budget
between campaigns?

Are we splitting budget between
display, search and shopping?



How much keyword research have we
completed ?

What keywords are our targeting?

Where are the opportunities for our
business with Google Ads?



Are we utilising one strategy or
multiple strategies to win?

What sort of iteration strategy will
we employ?



Are we running Google Ads all the
time or intermittently?

What strategies are we utilising to
measure the effectiveness of our
ad scheduling?



How are we measuring success for
Google Ads?

How are we aligning our Google ads
results with business performance?

Bing Ads

How does Google
Ads work?


You might be wondering how the Google Ads function works. When you search for anything in Google, there is a very high possibility that ads will be displayed above, to the right or below organic search results. Google operates a bidding system where businesses bid for the keywords that they want to appear in when searched through Google.

A dedicated Google Ads Agency can help you develop a Google AdWords campaign that will elevate your business to new heights. You will gain greater exposure, sell more of your products, impress more people within your target market and have a greater conversion rate.


Why is Google Ads important
for your business?


Digital marketing is a necessity and if done correctly can propel your business growth. In addition to having a website or eCommerce platform, social media, videos or SEO, a Google Ads solution provides a unique instant lift in your sales or enquiries. Unique offering of Google Ads can help you expand your businesses reach in other areas or countries and lessen the need for sales staff. We optimise your efforts for both desktop and mobile searches to ensure that every relevant search a user performs will help guide them to your business.

Our team of experts will help you stand out with the latest techniques that we know deliver and position your business ahead of your competitors.


Working with an Google Ads experts means you can be assured that we have the experience.

How can you help me manage
my Google ads?


We make it our mission to serve businesses who want to optimise their exposure on the web. We understand that
marketing is difficult and want to make the process smooth and easy with our experience, skills and knowledge. We
regularly work with small and large businesses and offer a customisable approach to suit your needs, requirements
and expectations.

Reach more people, engage with a market
Being Google ads experts, we can help you
develop a reputation for quality Google ads.