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Google Smart Campaigns are a quick, straightforward way to create an ad for your company. It’s easy for business owners to drive revenue to their stores without the hassle of learning all the nuances of pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. Most PPC marketers spend months learning the basics and getting good at ad placement, but with Smart Campaigns, this is no longer a problem.

Smart Campaigns have minimal settings to worry about, and you can still control your budget. Plus, Google still displays the ads across various platforms, so your advertising dollars are well spent. These ads are a great place to start if you’re looking to dip your toes into internet marketing without all the chaos.

Different Between a Search Campaign and a Smart Campaign

Search Campaigns require a higher level of knowledge regarding how ads work. On the other hand, Smart Campaigns are designed to do the work for you with just a few clicks. Here’s a breakdown of the differences.

With a Smart Campaign, you set a budget, and Google manages the bidding for you, driving clicks to your site. Ad extension creation is automated, and Google selects where to place your ads based on where competitors (and you, after placing a few ads) have the best luck getting clicks. Keywords are automatically generated based on your themes and business type. Your analytics dashboard displays information in a more organised and user-friendly fashion.

With a Search Campaign, you must select a bidding strategy and choose which platforms to place your ads on based on where you believe your audience will be watching. Ad extensions must be manually set up, and you are responsible for picking your exact keywords and phrases. If your keywords aren’t working as expected, you must manually change them. The reports are detailed for the average person, and Search Campaigns support multiple landing pages.

The simplicity of Smart Campaigns makes them the ideal choice for new marketers or small business owners with multiple duties and little time to spend on ad creation.

Benefits of a Smart Campaign

The most significant benefit of these campaigns is that Google’s algorithm handles most of the advanced targeting options. In addition, it constantly optimises your campaign based on best practices and knowledge of your industry.

You don’t have to worry about trying to create custom audiences, who to market to, or where to market. The Smart Campaign will do all that based on your business’s location. It can take months for a human marketer to master this. Smart Campaigns give you control over the basics and take care of your hard work.

You only pay for these ads when someone clicks on them or watches the first 30 seconds of your video. If your video is shorter than 30 seconds, you only pay when your audience watches the entire video. This makes these ads affordable for everyone.

Smart Campaigns Make PPC Marketing Easy

PPC ads are extremely complex, and the platforms and analytics can be hard to understand. For a beginning marketer, setting up successful campaigns can be difficult. But with Google Ads Smart Campaigns, much of the heavy lifting can be done for you. These campaigns are a great place to start if you’re looking to drive revenue to your business with online ads. They are inexpensive and, when done properly, extremely valuable to a small business. So start small with these simple PPC ads, and up the ante with Search Campaigns as your knowledge grows!