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There are so many things to consider when you first start optimising your app in the app store that it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. Don’t worry! We’ve picked out the biggest things to concentrate on when it comes to app store optimisation, so that you can boost your app’s visibility and get the most out of your marketing strategy.

  • Capitalise on Reviews and User Ratings
  • You may not realise it, but reviews and user ratings factor heavily into your app’s ranking. Respond to every review your app receives, especially the negative ones. This is a chance to turn any negative feedback you get into positive feedback and enhance your user’s experience. In turn, your users are likely to rate you more highly when they see the constructive responses you provide, and you will see your conversion rate moving up with your rank.

  • Spotlight Your Videos
  • Utilise short and catchy video clips to attract new users and catch their attention. If it makes sense for you to have a short video clip with your app, make sure that it lasts for at least 12 seconds. Google Play lets you include a single YouTube video with your app, and iOS allows you to feature up to three videos.

  • Update Your App’s Listing Across Different Seasons or Holidays
  • It’s a good idea to consider switching up your app with different themes, events or holidays. Not only does this give you a chance to revisit your keywords, but it also gives you a chance to introduce new relevant keywords in your app description or title, along with a few festive screenshots.

  • Download and Use TheTool
  • TheTool is a new app store optimisation tool that features a very user-friendly interface. This app allows you to quickly and easily track your competition, as well as acquire a ranking score to see how well your app is currently doing. It will also show your conversion rate along with keyword suggestions.

  • Choose the Best Category for Your App
  • What type of app do you have? Is it a news app that helps people keep up on current events? Or, is your app a game aimed at a certain age group? Take a look at the different categories the app store offers and carefully pick the one that best fits your app. This selection process can help to draw the correct people to your app and improve your conversion rate.

These five quick tips can help you optimise your app, increase your conversions and boost your offering ever higher in the app store rankings. Experiment and see which ones work best for you, and then enjoy your success!