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As the most cost-effective and lucrative way to reach your customers, good SEO is imperative for business. Now, as even the most staunchly offline businesses find themselves coming online, the need to get to grips with SEO is more urgent than ever. So, why is SEO important for your business? Let’s explore these advantages:

Because organic search is usually the primary source of traffic

One of the biggest parts of most businesses’ website performance and the most important part of the buyer funnel is organic search. Organic search is what ultimately gets users to complete an engagement or conversion.

Everyone knows that Google owns a disproportionately larger section of the search market compared to competitors like Bing, Yahoo, or DuckDuckGo. That being said, it’s not like other search engines don’t contribute anything to your brand’s visibility. But Google still holds the key to the vast majority of your business’s good reputation.

Not only is Google the most visited website in the entire world, but it is also the most popular email provider, So, it’s easy to see why making Google see you as a trusted resource is so important. With good SEO and a high quality website, it’s easy to reach this place.

Good SEO is the best way to understand your consumers’ voice

Whether it’s those large market shifts or the tiny details of consumer intent, SEO is the best way to get an understanding of what your customers want and need.

No matter the format, SEO shows us the clearest picture of user intent and behaviour. SERP analysis, search query data, AI insights and analytics data all help you understand your users.

SEO makes you more trustworthy and credible

Any experienced search engine optimiser knows how to create a stunning website with a clean, simple, and effective user experience. Thanks to its credibility and trustworthiness, this website is easy to find in search results. This makes the website’s brand more trustworthy, too.

Search engines like Google use many factors to establish your authority. Sure, a good website that is easy to use helps. But the things that you work on over time, such as natural links, optimized content and on-page elements, positive user behavior, and machine learning signals are the things that will really propel your site to the top. 

Yes, it takes patience and commitment to get people to trust your brand. But it will pay off! If you’re struggling to build your business’ trustworthiness, why not take a look at Google’s E-A-T guidelines? These guidelines guarantee success.

It gives your users a better experience

User experience is one of the biggest priorities among marketers. Organic rankings are imperative for your visibility, but hardly anyone knows that the best way to build organic rankings is through great user experience.

In recent years, Google has gotten great at spotting a good or bad user experience. It’s not just bounce rate or the time your users spend on your site – data about scrolling, interaction, and more is all added to the mix. With all this knowledge, working on producing a positive user experience is now vital for your website’s success. 

Have you heard of Google’s Page Experience Update? This is another set of guidelines that your business will need to pay attention to. Google’s Page Experience Update is a small part of Google’s increasing focus on customer experience.

Stumped for an example of good user experience? Well, take it from the experts. If you’ve asked Google a simple question recently, you’ll probably have stumbled across Google’s new habit of giving you the answer right away. In the past, immediately giving your users what they want when they visit your page would have been seen as a bad thing, yielding a high bounce rate and a low ranking. But now, this has become an example of great user experience! 

SEO aids your buying cycle and increases engagement

The importance of real-time customer research continues to grow. Indeed, research is quickly becoming a crucial component of SEO. 

Why not use SEO when you message or email your customers about the new deals, product launches, and services you provide? When you do this right, your business will grow in visibility and dependability. It should also improve your buying cycle.

You get increased traffic and conversions with local SEO

Now that mobile traffic is steeply on the rise, local search is an imperative part of small and medium business success. So, what does local SEO do? Well, the main goal of local SEO is to optimize your digital properties for your local community. This allows prospective customers in your town or city to discover you quickly and easily. This brings them that bit closer to making a transaction.


You can make local optimizations on your brand’s website and content. Quick fixes like local citations, backlinks, and relevant regional listings will promote your business in your local area. You can focus on your state, town, or just your neighbourhood, depending on your business sector.

To promote your business in your local area, you should optimize your business’ Knowledge Graph panel, its social media profile, and its Google My Business listing. You should also encourage user reviews. Google is the most prominent place to find your business’ reviews, as well as Yelp, Trustpilot, and other sites relevant to your sector. 

SEO helps you get to grips with the web

The World Wide Web is constantly changing, so it’s not surprising that many people struggle to keep on top of its changes. SEO is equally changeable. It can be very difficult to stay on top of the changes in search. This is why it’s so important to keep on top of the tactics other similar businesses and competitors use.

SEO is a comparatively cheap and cost-effective investment

Have you ever considered how inexpensive SEO is in the grand scheme of things you can do for your business? With just a few tweaks here and there, and a few keywords, you can boost your business by tenfold! What’s more is, this isn’t even marketing – this is a true investment in your business.

Brilliant SEO will hold up for years to come, and will only keep getting better the more you work at it.