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YouTube has a very long reach, and several celebrities, artists, and comedians perfectly demonstrated YouTube’s marketing power by having their careers launched by using YouTube to establish their fan base. Small businesses and websites can quickly expand their reach by harnessing video marketing and the benefits that come with using YouTube as a platform.

Expanding Your Presence

A creative YouTube video that completely captivates your audience is a very valuable tool to help you build your business’s or website’s presence. YouTube estimates that around the world every day, YouTubers watch an estimated one billion hours of videos, and there are an estimated 300 hours of YouTube videos uploaded every minute. Get a viral video, and you can reach thousands of viewers in minutes.

You Get  a Viral Marketing Platform

YouTube makes it very easy to do viral marketing for your business or website. Your viewers can quickly and easily share and embed your videos on social media platforms like Facebook. Viewers are constantly sharing and cycling videos to their coworkers, friends, and family. In turn, the friend, coworker, or family member shared the video, and this creates a ripple effect that can reach more viewers with each share.

Showcase Your Brand’s Personality

A YouTube video can give your brand a face, and it can humanise you to your potential customers. You get to add movement and colour to your business, giving it personality and relatability. For example, if you sold mountain bikes, you wouldn’t have to stick to posting about statistics or your specific mountain bike specifications. You could post interviews with people who use the bike or invite your customers to share footage of their outings.

Higher Search Engine Rankings

Did you know that Google owns YouTube? Google purchased YouTube with good reason, and this reason was that Google wants to have an overwhelming social media and search online presence. When you combine YouTube and Google, you have an extremely extensive and powerful tool. You’ll commonly see YouTube videos ranked very high when you search on Google, and this can push your website to the top of the rankings.

YouTube is continually gaining popularity with internet marketing teams, and it’s a very viable internet marketing strategy. You want to expand on this platform’s potential, and it starts by creating a channel and putting out quality content. Using YouTube and Google together give you a fast, powerful, internet marketing tool that can only benefit your business.