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We know that building a solid online presence can be tricky, but we’ve got some excellent tips to help you create a website that’s not only visually appealing but also effective in generating leads and sales.

1. Placement of Lead Form

Placement of Lead Form

First, let’s talk about where to position the lead form. With 49.7% of companies who use online forms for generating leads saying that these forms bring them the highest conversion for lead generation, getting the placement of your lead form right is essential. Placing the lead form in the upper portion of the webpage can increase your chances of gaining more leads and conversions. By making the form easily accessible, users can quickly fill it out and submit their information. And who doesn’t want more business?

2. Visibility of Text

Visibility of Text

SEO training can help any business. Just look at Green Door Co:

Green Door Co

“Our team undertook SEO training with AMIRE and it was excellent. Thorough, clear and hands-on, the training gave us a great foundation in SEO. Sean and Amye were extremely responsive to our needs, crafting a customised session just for us.

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Heather Marano
Green Door Co

To make certain pieces of text more visible, you can adjust the font size or change the font colour. This ensures that the text stands out and is easy to read, vital for conveying your message to the user. By making the text more visible, you can increase engagement and encourage the user to take action. It’s okay to be sparing with your text, too – 30% of companies today fill their landing pages with too much text.

3. A Clear Message

A Clear Message

Create a clear and concise message about your business’s offers in the headline and description. After all, landing pages that use only the text they need have an average conversion rate of 14.30%, compared to 11.10% for more wordy pages. This ensures that the user understands the value proposition of your business and what you can offer them. Creating a clear message in the headline and description about what your business offers is crucial for increasing conversions and sales. Highlight your value proposition and what you can offer your customers.

Once H+Co had a clear message, their site’s leads skyrocketed:


“I would highly recommend AMIRE. They blew us away with their efficiency, knowledge and professionalism. We knew we were in good hands from the start and have been really excited with the immediate increase in site traffic.

We now have a solid framework we can utilise for all new pages on the site…looking forward to working with the AMIRE team again!”

Hiten Thakrar

4. Fixed Position for Phone Number and Email Link

Fixed Position for Phone Number and Email Link

With 44% of website visitors leaving a company’s website if they don’t see contact information or a phone number and 64% of consumers wanting to see a phone number, it’s imperative that your contact information is always visible on your landing page. To ensure that the phone number and email link are always visible, consider placing them in a fixed position on the webpage so that they’re always available and the user can’t scroll away from them. This ensures that the user can easily find and contact your business, which improves your site’s user experience and is important for lead generation and customer service. 

6. Mention Phone Number More Than Once

Mention Phone Number More Than Once

With 51% of people more annoyed by a lack of thorough contact information than they are by animated ads, we urge that you mention your phone number at least twice, with the second instance placed at the bottom of the page. This helps with Google phone verification and makes it easier for users to find it. You can improve ad relevance by mentioning the phone number twice and ensuring the user can quickly contact your business.

7. Clickable Phone Number

Clickable Phone Number

What better way to easily allow your customers to contact you than by making your phone number clickable? Not only will a clickable phone number improve your user experience, but with 64% of consumers wanting to see a phone number on a business website’s homepage, you can be sure this feature will get used – especially if consumers are browsing on mobile. Let’s also not forget about placing your phone number and email link in a fixed position on the webpage so that your visitors can easily find and contact your business.

8. Make your Landing Page Mobile Friendly

Make your Landing Page Mobile Friendly

It’s easy to overlook, but with so many people now browsing from a mobile device, whether a work tablet or their mobile, it pays to make your landing page mobile-friendly. After all, 86% of today’s most high-converting landing pages are mobile friendly.

9. Relevant Keywords

Relevant Keywords

Adding relevant keywords can improve ad relevance and make it easier for the user to find your business. But where should you use your keywords? Well, 11% of the top landing pages used keywords in their H1 title, with 55% of top pages using their business name in the title.

10. Dedicated Pages/Sub-Pages for Service Segments

Dedicated Pages/Sub-Pages for Service Segments

Lastly, you should create dedicated pages or sub-pages for different service segments. This ensures users can easily find the information they need and improves ad relevance. Plus, personalised calls to action perform 202% better! Creating dedicated pages also enhances user experience and increases the chances of getting more conversions and sales. Get creative and show your visitors what makes your business stand out!


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We hope that these tips have been helpful to you. Remember, a website that’s visually appealing and effective in generating leads and sales can help take your business to the next level.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Amire today and watch your website soar to new heights.