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Empower yourself to choose a marketing agency by asking the right questions. We’ve compiled a list of our top questions to ask your marketing agency, designed to help you make an informed decision and ensure they have the experience and expertise to help you shine.

How do you use data analysis to inform decision-making in marketing campaigns?

One of the most important questions to ask a marketing agency is to get their view on data strategy and infrastructure. Your marketing agency should understand what data is available, how they can use it and how data can inform their decision-making.

A good marketing agency can predict campaign success before spending because it has a clear perspective on data strategy and infrastructure. As the campaign runs, a good marketing agency should also be able to improve performance by deploying real-time optimisation tactics.

When you ask your marketing agency this question, look at how the agency has used data analysis to make campaign decisions. Ask them what their process is for data collection, analysis and interpretation. Also, ask the marketing agency how they use data to refine and optimise their campaigns in real time. When you understand your marketing agency’s approach to data analysis, you will be better equipped to gauge their ability to drive results for you. 

What strategies do you employ to connect with target audiences?

Another critical question to ask a marketing agency is whether they can connect with your target audience. Connecting with your target audience is one of the most paramount aspects of a successful marketing campaign. When you ask your marketing agency this question, assessing their ability to understand and leverage audience insights for communication strategies is essential.

A good marketing agency should also be capable of executing globally and locally culturally relevant campaigns. So, check out their past examples and look for campaigns they have carried out in the past.

Google, for example, has focused on increasing expertise in its communication strategy and zoned in on planning in its agency team. Concentrating on both of these things has allowed Google to make culturally relevant campaigns that drive results!

Therefore, when you ask your marketing agency about their strategies for connecting with the target audience, look at their capability to execute campaigns that resonate with them. This will give you an idea of their ability to drive results for your business.

How do you ensure compliance with privacy regulations in your marketing practices?

When you ask your marketing agency this question, you’ll want to know about the agency’s transparency in data practices. An imperative question to ask a marketing agency is to ask your marketing agency about collecting, storing and using personal data. You should also check how your marketing agency complies with privacy regulations like CCPA and GDPR. Another essential thing to discuss is how the agency deals with data breaches and communicates with the affected people.

One company that excels at complying with privacy regulations is Google.Google uses a “Build, Measure, Activate” framework. This framework emphasises the importance of privacy strategies, ensuring that any data that Google collects is used transparently, with user consent obtained when necessary.

When you partner with a marketing agency prioritising privacy, your marketing campaigns will comply with privacy regulations, and your customers will trust your brand more!

How do you manage increasing complexity of creative demands across various digital channels?

Ask your marketing agency about their approach to supporting clients when creative complexity arises. As one of the most important questions to ask a marketing agency, your ideal marketing agency should guide you through the intricacies of social media, email and PPC advertising complexities. Your marketing team should be able to deal with creative demands across various digital channels.

One way that many marketing agencies today are delivering campaigns efficiently is by using AI-powered ad formats. After all, AI-powered ad formats allow agencies to automate specific tasks, like image selection and even ad copy creation. By automating these tasks, marketing agencies can focus on higher-level tasks, like analysis and strategy.

As you gauge a marketing agency’s approach to managing creative complexity, you should look at their work across digital channels. You should also look at how the agency has dealt with complex creative demands in the past. You could even look at companies themselves that have dealt with creative complexity, such as Google’s collaboration with their marketing agency, developing creative ad creation solutions using AI.

How is your agency using AI?

Another of the best questions to ask a marketing agency is how they use AI today. Many marketing agencies are using AI to improve client outcomes. With AI automating specific tasks and yielding valuable insights, a marketing agency must adopt AI to stay competitive.

A marketing agency needs to have a framework for implementing and evaluating AI. This framework should include analysing the available AI tools, the agency’s needs and how this could change the agency’s business practice and client outcomes.

One company that has fully embraced AI is Google. Google recognises AI’s transformative potential and emphasises the importance of other agencies embracing AI to evolve.

If you’re looking for a marketing agency to help you grow your business and drive results, we’re here to help! Contact us today to learn more about our approach to data analysis, target audience connection, compliance with privacy regulations and creative demands management. Our team of experts is ready to work with you to develop a customised strategy that meets your unique needs and goals.