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Think that your webpage load time is not important?

Think again!


A delay of just one second in page load time means:

  • 11% decline in page views
  • 16% decline in customer satisfaction
  • 7% decline in conversion rate

That stats below collected by the Hosting Tribunal clearly show how webpage load time affects search engine rankings, customer satisfaction, and conversion rate.

So, if your web pages load slowly, increasing your daily page views and sales might prove no easier than climbing the Mount Everest without the use of supplemental oxygen.

With competition being tough already, why would you want to make it even harder for you by not fixing the ‘slow website’ problem?
You can try to speed up a WordPress site is by reducing HTTP requests.

When you try to open a webpage, your web browser pings the web server on which the webpage is hosted. This ping is simply an HTTP request to view webpage content, which might include text, multimedia, and images.

Upon receiving HTTP requests, the server delivers relevant files to your browser and then the file loads on your system. Typically, the browser submits a separate request for every file. Needless to say, the more HTTP requests, the greater the webpage load time.
To reduce the load time, combine and minify JavaScript, HTML, and CSS files.

Minification refers to removing redundant data, such as whitespace and code comments. Combining, on the other hand, means creating a single file each for multiple CSS and JavaScript files.

For instance, let’s say you have four external JavaScript files and the same number of CSS files. So, when you combine, you end up with one JavaScript file and one external CSS file. In other words, the HTTP requests would reduce from 8 to 2, which in turn will help your webpage load faster.

You can seek the help of experts to reduce HTTP requests and take other necessary steps to speed up your website. With webpage load time being so crucial to your online business’s success, about which you can read more in the infographic below, investing in its improvement will be money well spent.

how speed affects your website infographic

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