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Every day it seems we are faced with new changes to technology, both personal and business. Online ads are no exception. Google has now introduced a replacement campaign for their Smart Shopping ad type. Welcome Performance Max Campaigns, but what are they? And how can they help you reach your marketing goals? Let’s take a look.

What is a Performance Max Campaign?

How people use the internet has changed, and Google stepped up to recognise that marketers struggle to keep up with these changes. With that discovery, Performance Max Ads have been introduced, and as the name suggests, these ads aim to bring the absolute maximum results to your ad campaigns.

These campaigns are goal-based, so digital marketers can use just one campaign to advertise all products. Simply select a goal, add assets, and let Google do the leg work.

Like most other Google Ads, the Performance Max Campaigns will play through many channels, including email, Google Maps, searches, social media, Apps, YouTube, and Shopping. But unlike other digital marketing campaigns, you don’t choose where to place your ads.

With Performance Max, you set your budget, but Google controls where your ads are displayed. While that may sound concerning to you, their algorithms are making these ads work better for most businesses using them!

Key Features

Performance Max Campaigns have unique key features that benefit businesses when placing ads.

Asset Groups take advertising away from the ads we know today. Instead of placing a set ad with text, images and links, a digital marketer simply uploads all pertinent information. Google then mixes and matches this information to create the most relevant ads for your audience.

Unlike other advertising, Google’s algorithm uses audience signals to determine which types of users are the most likely to click on your ad. The machine places your ads in front of more people.

New reporting and insights show you what the machine is learning about your business and what your ads are accomplishing. It shows your performance metrics and lets you change strategies as needed. These stats go much deeper than previous reporting systems and give the data nerd in your company real information to work with.

The URL expansion selects which landing page to display based on your campaign goals and works to drive performance and revenue.

Should I Consider Performance Max Campaigns?

Performance Max may not be right for everyone, but most businesses will benefit from running these campaigns. You are a prime candidate for these ads if your company aims to increase lead generation or online sales with your website. Some other reasons you would want to run these ads include:

  • Reaching your audience across multiple platforms by using just one campaign
  • Getting conversion value and reach that goes above and beyond a keyword Search Campaign
  • Maximising campaign performance across all channels

Implement a full conversion-tracking system and take care to track all of your metrics. Don’t get discouraged too early in the process, as it takes the machine a little time and a small part of your budget to learn the nuances of your audience. Set some SMART goals and work through the process. Then stick with it until your goals are met. It may be well worth it in the end, as these ad campaigns have the potential to increase your online sales and revenue.