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The latest iOS14 update has been released, and we need to talk about it. There’s one feature in particular that was installed, which will have a major effect on your Facebook ads. We want to help you stay informed, so we’re going to discuss this feature, what it will mean for your ads, and go over a couple of ideas for what you can do about it.

What’s Happening in the iOS14 Update

ios14With the newest iOS14 update, Apple implemented their App Tracking Transparency Feature. The introduction of this feature means that apps will require their users to provide permission to track their activities outside of the app. So, users will now need to actively consent to apps tracking their activity across other apps and websites.

This, of course, includes the Facebook app. When 81% of Facebook’s users are only accessing it through their phones, this means that a lot of its users will now be able to deny Facebook’s tracking and data gathering.

What Does This Mean for Your Facebook ads?

While there will still be many Facebook users that allow the app to track their data, there will also be some who do not. Overall, this means there will be less data to work with, and the Facebook tracking pixel won’t be effective for the users that opt out of tracking.

Advertising will be less efficient and less effective

Normally, Facebook advertising is able to provide some form of remarketing, conversion tracking, or lookalike generation. However, those features all rely on the Facebook tracking pixel. As such, there will now be a whole group of people using iOS devices that you will not be able to advertise to via remarketing on their mobile device.

Greater difficulty reaching your target audience

It’s going to be much more difficult for small and medium business owners to grow their businesses by reaching their target audiences. This would be a direct impact of the loss of ability to remarket to users who have previously visited their website, and the inability to use Facebook’s pixel data.

Less revenue from ads

The greatest hit is likely to be a loss of ad revenue. Not being able to track users means that ads won’t be able to be as personalised as before. A loss of personalisation can easily result in less traffic, fewer website sales, and fewer app installs.

What Can You Do About This?

If you’re advertising on Facebook, the update will certainly impact your ad campaigns. There are a few workarounds that you can implement in the short term to help reduce the effect of the iOS14 update:

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  • Exclude iOS devices from your ad campaigns with conversion objectives.
  • Run campaigns that don’t include conversion objectives.
  • Have users provide you with their information relatively early in the conversions process.

These suggestions should act as temporary solutions while you decide what the best move would be for your business in the long term. As there are many businesses advertising on Facebook, updates like this are affecting many people, so there are likely to be many different workarounds to this issue in the future.

Need More Help?

Are you still unsure what changes you can make to mitigate the losses caused by the iOS14 update? Amire’s team of digital marketing experts have technical solutions that can help alleviate some of the impact caused by iOS14. With our team on your side, we’ll be able to create long-term plans to help your business grow.

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