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At the beginning of May, Google announced its second core update in 2020, the year’s first core updated happened in January. Every year, Google rolls out roughly around 1000 algorithm updates to its search algorithm. Unlike these smaller algorithm updates, a core update happens more infrequently as they usually occur only once every quarter.

As the name suggests a core update generally have a larger impact on website rankings. In other words, these core updates cause more fluctuations in search engine results pages (SERP’s).

That’s why whenever these core updates happen it’s important to know what the update is about and how it may affect your websites’ performance.

What does Google have to say about this update?

In regards to this update, Google is referring to their previously established guidelines on how to manage core algorithm updates. Google does not always explicitly say what their updates are targeting, but they phrase their aims with the updates in more general terms “(…) designed to ensure that overall, we’re delivering on our mission to present relevant and authoritative content to searchers.”

Google also announced that this core update will be rolling out through the next two weeks, that means that it may take some time before you see any changes in your website’s rankings.

What should I do if my website is hit by this core update?

Sometimes, even though you have followed best practices, your website still might be hit by the core updates and you may see your rankings drop. First thing you should do is breath. Because there are not specific actions you should take in order to recover. In fact, Google has admitted you might not have been doing anything wrong at all. In regards to this Google stated “We suggest focusing on ensuring you’re offering the best content you can. That’s what our algorithms seek to reward.”.

Help your website benefit from the core update

To ensure that our websites benefit from these core updates it is important that the websites are tailored to fit the desired searchers intent. This entails that the content of your website is relevant for your services and presented in such a way that users can easily navigate your website’s content.

Be aware, that you should not get hung up on the content alone. Note that Google writes about authoritative content, this relates to your websites domain authority. Google and other search engines favour websites who have a strong backlink profile as these accounts for your domain authority.

Lastly, something we have learnt from the previous core updates, the technical performance of websites can very well be targeted in these updates. This is something we saw in the ‘Mobile Speed Update’ of 2018.

Our Conclusion

Rehashing what we already know, the three pillars of SEO, content, backlinks and technical, maintaining a SEO strategy including all three pillars are crucial for achieving a great website ranking.  A great SEO strategy will help your website navigate not only core updates but also the everyday search engine algorithm. Aligned with Googles guidelines, best practice and user experience is always Amire’s main focus.