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The eCommerce industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years. As technology advances and consumer behaviour evolves, new marketing trends will shape eCommerce’s future. In this blog post, we will explore some of the key eCommerce trends to watch in 2023 and discuss how they will impact businesses and consumers.

The Rise of Social Commerce

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is set to become one of the most prevalent b2b eCommerce trends 2023. You can expect to see collaborations between brands and influencers rise as influencers prove to be highly effective in driving sales and raising brand awareness. As a result, 2023 eCommerce trends will feature brands investing more in influencer marketing strategies to harness the power of these influential individuals. By partnering with influencers, brands can tap into influencers’ already vast fan base and reach a wider audience, ultimately increasing sales and brand recognition!

Shoppable Social Media

Like paid search for social media, shoppable social media is one of the emerging 2023 eCommerce trends. Social media platforms are integrating shopping features, allowing users to purchase directly from posts. This trend requires brands to fine-tune their social media presence to create a new, seamless future of eCommerce. In shoppable social media, brands can better connect with their target audience and convert social media users into customers. These innovative 2023 eCommerce trends approach to eCommerce opens up new opportunities for businesses to drive sales and engage with their customers more interactively and conveniently.

Personalisation and Customisation

AI-Powered Recommendations

AI-powered recommendations are set to revolutionise b2b eCommerce in 2023. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, businesses can provide personalised product suggestions based on customer data as one of the vital b2b eCommerce trends. These tailored recommendations will enhance customer experience and increase sales by offering relevant and engaging options. By leveraging AI, eCommerce brands can better understand their customers and anticipate their needs, creating a more personalised shopping journey. This emerging trend of AI-powered recommendations is set to transform how businesses engage with their customers and drive growth in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

Customisable Products

Remember those pencil cases with an initial on them? How chic were they?! Customisable products are set to be a major trend in the future of eCommerce in 2023. Consumers increasingly seek unique and personalised items that cater to their individual preferences. B2b eCommerce brands are recognising this demand and are offering customisation options. These personalised products provide a sense of exclusivity and drive customer loyalty. So, by allowing customers to personalise their purchases, businesses can create a more engaging shopping experience and strengthen their relationships with buyers. The ability to offer customisable products will be critical in staying competitive and meeting customers’ evolving needs and desires.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile-First Design

Shoppable social media and mobile-first design are essential b2b eCommerce trends to watch in the future of eCommerce. As more and more consumers rely on their mobile devices for online shopping, websites and apps must prioritise overall mobile user experience to boost their SEO. B2b eCommerce brands can ensure a seamless and convenient shopping experience for their customers with responsive design and fast loading times.

Mobile Payment Solutions

Mobile payment solutions in b2b eCommerce have become one of the increasingly popular 2023 eCommerce trends in recent years, thanks to rapid technological advancements and the shift towards a cashless society. With the rise of mobile wallets and digital payment platforms, consumers can make purchases with just a tap of their phone – no need for physical cash or cards. These payment methods offer a range of benefits, such as convenience, speed, and security. As a result, b2b eCommerce brands that provide secure and seamless mobile payment are likely to attract more customers and stay ahead of the competition. Indeed, the future of eCommerce!

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Eco-friendly packaging, ethical sourcing, and production are increasingly important 2023 eCommerce trends. Today’s consumers are more conscious of their purchases’ environmental and societal impact. As a result, in the future of eCommerce, businesses need to step up their game by offering sustainable packaging options and guaranteeing that their supply chains are transparent and fair. By adopting these practices, b2b eCommerce brands attract eco-conscious customers and differentiate themselves from competitors. So, if you want to make a positive impact and win the hearts of your target audience, it’s time to embrace eco-friendly packaging and ethical sourcing and production.


As eCommerce trends 2023 continue to evolve, staying ahead of emerging trends is crucial for businesses to thrive in the future of eCommerce. The rise of social commerce, personalisation and customisation, mobile commerce, and sustainability are just a few of the trends that will shape the future of eCommerce. By embracing these b2b eCommerce trends and adapting their strategies accordingly, businesses can position themselves for success in the ever-changing eCommerce landscape. Ready to see the future of eCommerce? Contact us today!