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One of the keys to getting a high ranking in Google’s search pages is your AdWords quality score. But, if you’re not sure what this is, how can you improve it? If you’re unclear about Google AdWords, read on.

Defining Your AdWords Quality Score

To put it simply, your AdWords Quality Score is the rating or score that Google gives to your ads on a scale from 1 to 10 once it determines how relevant your selected keywords are in regards to your ads. It also includes a rating for how well you’ve managed to tailor your ads to your customers’ needs and the overall quality of your landing page.

The better you manage to tailor your AdWords to suit your customers’ needs, the higher your AdWords Quality Score will be. In turn, you’ll have to pay Google less for each click you get from your pay-per-click-advertising. This can help you lower your bottom line as you’ll end up paying Google for more if you’re showing ads that don’t relate very closely to your customers’ searches.

Tips to Improve Your AdWords Quality Score

Now that you know what your AdWords Quality Score is and how Google will rank it, here are several tips to help you improve your score. The first thing you want to do is check your AdWords Quality Score to see how it’s ranking.

The next step is to develop focused ad groups because trying to encompass a larger group of ads leaves more room for lower rankings and missed search results. For example, an artist would create a broad campaign for “Painting,” and then they would create ad groups for every type of painting they offered like: 

  • Family Portraits
  • Pet Pictures
  • Caricatures

The next step is to choose a specific keyword for each smaller ad group you create and tie them back to your landing page. These keywords should work to create a more seamless customer experience. This will drive good traffic to your landing page, and Google likes organic traffic.

Identifying your Google AdWords Quality Score is an essential piece to improving your bottom line and creating a more seamless customer experience. Now that you know what it is and a few steps to help improve it, you can be on your way to a healthier Google AdWords Quality Score.