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You’ve done it, you have an awesome website with high daily traffic levels, but what are you still missing? If you’ve forgotten about your conversion rate, you’re missing out on something significant. Your conversion rate is how many people come to your site and perform a desired action, like buying something if you’re selling a product. You can optimise your conversion rate in several key ways.

To Convert, Less Is More

The first thing you want to do to optimise your conversion rate is clear out the clutter on your website’s landing page. It’s a common mistake for people to get stuck on the bigger buttons, text, and colour of their landing pages. However, this can actually hinder your conversion rate as your product can get lost in the clutter. You want a clean, neat, straightforward landing page for your customers to see.

Prioritise User Experience and the Reputation of Your Website

The second thing you want to do is focus to on your website’s bigger points. You really want to pay attention to your customers’ experience. Is your site easy to navigate? Can they quickly find the information they are searching for?

Also, put a heavy focus on building your website’s reputation as an authoritative source of information. The more people feel they can trust your business, the more likely they are to convert.

Everyone Loves Faster Sites

The third thing you want to focus your attention on is your website’s speed. When people click on your website’s link, they only want to wait a few seconds for it to completely load or they’ll move on to the next site. Aberdeen posted a study about website loading times that showed if your website had even a one second delay, this results in a 16% satisfaction decrease, 11% less page views, and a 7% conversion loss.

Make Your Visuals Tell a Story

The fourth thing to remember about your conversion rates is the images you choose to use. When you use images on your landing page, you want to think about the psychology that goes with seeing them. You want to invoke a good image for your brand, and you can do this by showcasing images that reflect the message you want to convey with your brand.

Your conversion rate optimisation is a significant part of your digital marketing success. Your website won’t do you a lot of good if it doesn’t help you sell your product or further your business. Is your website cluttered, slow, or full of images that decrease your customers’ satisfaction rates? If so, you may need to take another look and streamline your conversion rate.