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As 2018 draws to a close, it’s important that you stay on top of your website’s conversion rate optimisation. This doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task, and there are apps available that can help you. We’ll go over the top three essential apps that you want to incorporate into your conversion rate optimisation strategy going into 2019.

1. Portent’s Content Idea Generator – Write Eye-Catching and Engaging Headlines

It’s very important that you create engaging headlines that will draw potential customers to your website. Whether you’re writing headlines for your landing pages, homepage or your product pages, a great headline is a must. You can use Portent’s Content Idea Generator to help formulate headlines. It’s free, and you simply input a short summary or subject in the box and the generator will give you several headline ideas as well as tips.

2. RealtimeBoard – Keep Everyone on the Same Page

If you work with a team of people to keep your website engaging, you want everyone to be on the same page. Additionally, you want all of your ideas in one area so you can quickly access them. Clarity and consistency is key to having great conversion rate optimisation, and you can get this by using RealtimeBoard. You can create whiteboards that update in real time with all of your ideas, and you can embed links to multimedia. This app also allows you to store your notes and upload them to PDF format and Google Docs.

3. Five Second Test – Streamline Your Website’s Usability
Having a fast and user-friendly website is key to having great conversion rate optimisation. Your users want to be able to get to pages on your website quickly and easily, and you can test this by using the Five Second Test. You can create your own test and have volunteers look at it for five seconds. At the end of the five seconds, the image will go away and the volunteers have to answer relevant questions. You’ll get instant feedback, and you’ll be able to fix slow, buggy or clunky portions of your website.

These three easy and quick apps will help you streamline your website and make it user-friendly for your potential customers to visit and use. We recommend you try them all and maximise your website’s conversion rate optimisation so you’re ready for new customers going into 2019.