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victoriaMeet Victoria

Hello! I’m Victoria and I started my journey with Amire back in December of 2019, as a summer intern. After three very warm and sunny months of learning and improving my skills, I officially joined the team as a Biddable Media Specialist.

Living and working on the Sydney Northern Beaches makes my outdoor-loving soul incredibly happy. I really enjoy being so close to the beach and that’s where I try and escape to every chance that I get, no matter if it is for a quick dip in the ocean, a few minutes watching the surf or a sunny lunch. I also love travelling and, being an ex-pat in Australia, seeing this beautiful country is high up on my bucket list – any tips?

So, is life in digital marketing as exciting as it sounds?

Yes! Ever since starting work at Amire, I have learnt a great deal and developed skills that have brought me great professional growth.

From dealing with clients to understanding the ins and outs of paid media tools such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads, each day is different and brings a different discovery with it. Working with all sorts of different clients and industries, we are challenged every day to put our minds and creativity to work and strive for the best results!

What does your average day look like?

A typical day for me starts with some exercise, followed by watching the sunrise at Manly Beach while I read and pray (thanks to Winter for the late sunrises!).

At 9 am sharp, we all connect on a Zoom call to quickly share with the team what we will be working on that day. My daily tasks include working with our biddable media team on creating Facebook Ads and Google Ads strategies for clients, helping on setting up their accounts and making sure we are reaping the best results possible.

We also have frequent catch-ups with clients to keep an open channel for clear communication and new ideas.


What’s your favourite part of your job?

I absolutely love working with such a data-driven, results-focused team that is always working together and exchanging ideas and experience to come up with the best strategies for each specific client. It is an open space to learn, and all opinions and ideas are welcome on the table, which makes it a great environment for innovation and growth.

One of my favourite aspects, however, would be the amazing, people-focused culture we have at Amire. Our leadership really invests in the team, making sure we have everything we need to perform our best, promoting good interaction between team members and encouraging us to have a healthy work-life balance.

With the COVID-19 pandemic happening all over the world, we have been working from home and although I really like the flexibility it allows, I miss the interaction with the team in the office, located in the beautiful Manly area.

Hence why I was so glad when we started coming in on Fridays a few weeks ago! It’s great to be able to see everyone’s faces, have fun and enjoy the banter – especially during our all-hands meetings on Fridays afternoons! And not to mention hanging out with our furry mascots Darty and Neo, the adorable moodles Amin, our Google Ads Manager, brings in on Fridays 🙂


Get up to much after work? How would you ‘unwind’?

I am 100% a day person, so I usually start to unwind right after work so I can go to bed early. In summer, I like to hang out at the beach to enjoy the last of the daylight, but during the colder months, I stick to a good book and some wine to wrap up my day!

Finally, what advice would you give somebody thinking about pursuing a digital marketing career?

If you’re thinking of following the digital marketing path I’d say: go for it! It’s becoming more evident every day that digital is the way forward and there is still so much room to grow and innovate!

Amire has a Biddable Media Internship available or an Executive position open, apply if you would like to begin your own personal journey in the Biddable Media world today!