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Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is a vital tool every marketer wants to have on hand.  For those that don’t know, CRO is the process of increasing traffic to your website and converting them in some way. This can include downloading a specific PDF file, reaching a certain URL, or trial sign-ups. There are several tools you can use to accomplish this, and we have the hottest ones for 2018 below.

Capturing leads allows you to build a solid and dependable email or mailing list. They allow you to create customer relationships that can lead to sales as well. Formstack is a very popular lead generating tool that comes with several features including event registrations, survey builders, A/B testing and analytics, newsletter signups and more.

Google Analytics lets you put your website’s URL and find any key problems you may have. It will also keep track of your website’s bounce rate, the number of views, visitor duration, conversion rate and much more. All of this information is available on the free, user-friendly dashboard and on the charts.

    • 3. Testing Your User Experience – CrazyEgg

This tool specifically targets your website’s CRO, and it can quickly give you a very in-depth understanding of your website visitor’s behaviours. You also get helpful tools like heat maps that quickly show you any popular locations your customers click on, scrolling behaviour, and it records the number of clicks per page. The Confetti feature lets you divide the data up by search term, the date they visited your site, and much more.

Optimizely is a great A/B testing tool that allows webmasters to view two variations of their current web pages. You can create an entirely new page or edit an existing one with their user-friendly editor feature. You can link it directly to Google Analytics for real-time test sessions as well, and it’s great for various webpage funnel testing.

Instapage lets webmasters quickly and easily make landing pages. You get over 100 mobile optimised landing page templates at your fingertips, and you can use them in a variety of situations. Things like webinar signups, mobile application introduction or lead generation are all excellent examples. It also allows you to import your templates as well.

These five popular CRO tools can help you build a website that increases your overall traffic and your overall conversion rate for a better user experience. They’re all easy to use, and they focus on different areas of your website, so you get a rounded finished product that converts.