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Reach more people, engage with a
market develop a reputation for
quality bing ads.

What are Bing Ads?


Bing Ads are Microsoft’s search advertising platform that displays paid results (SEM) above organic results (SEO) to
drive traffic to customer’s website. Bing is a search engine like Google which has an advertising platform is known
as Bing Ads or Microsoft Ads.

While Bing is not used as widely by people like Google, it is still a search engine that many people use with the
Microsoft Edge web browser. According to Bing advertising experts and recent survey results,

Bing has a global market share of approximately 2.9%.
Although Google is the most popular search engine with the greatest market share,
2.9% of the global population is still plenty of people to target!

Why miss out on the opportunity to appeal to these search engine users when you can advertise in a
similar manner to Google at a fraction of the cost. Given the low competition on Bing, advertising space
does receive lower bids.

Help your business reach more people by taking advantage of Bing’s advertising functionality.

What are the key questions to consider
when building a Bing Ads Strategy?



Which areas, suburbs or states are we

Will our strategy be region based on

Does our ad scheduling align with
our business open hours?



What’s our budget allocation for the
Bing Ads network

Are we running Bing Ads all the time or

How does our display spend for Bing
Ads differ to Google Ads?



What is our Cost Per Million (CPM)

What are the best sites for us to target
for our audience?

How does the cost of Bing Ads compare
to Google Ads?



How do we want our brand and
products to be showcased?

Do we adhere to the Bing Ads



Are our display ads compelling &
concise to entice users to click?

Do our ads have a key message
that users can easily understand?



How are we measuring success for
Bing Ads?

Are we aligning our Bing Ads
results with performance?

Bing Ads

Why use the Bing
Ads Network?


Is running Bing and Google ads necessary?

While we do not recommend engaging in every possible digital marketing channel, it does help to engage in complimentary efforts. Both Bing and Google are search engines, and if a user exclusively uses Bing over Google then you are missing out on communicating with those individuals.

Bing Ads in many cases provide a low cost lead generator due to less competition when compared directly to Google. The volume will undoubtedly be less, but cost effective nonetheless.

Microsoft are also continuously adding new features to their platform to entice businesses to advertise using Bing.


What are the advantages
of Bings Ads?

  • Bidding is relatively lower compared to Google.
  • Bing are adding new features to their platform
    to encourage interest.
  • Bing is ranked second in search engine preference.
  • Access to searchers on Bing, MSN, Yahoo, AOL
    and more sites powered by Bing.
  • Increase ROI through a dedicated marketing campaign.
  • Value for money given lower entry costs.
  • Broader reach with greater ability to
    achieve top rankings.
  • Higher-value audience not found on Google.
  • Increase traffic to your site with opportunities
    to convert.
  • Compliments Google ads.

Many people still search on Bing – approximately 133 million monthly desktop searches in Australia!

How can you help me manage
my Bing ads?


Being Bing Advertising Experts, We understand that businesses do not want to overspend on
marketing campaigns and are conscious about their budgets. With Bing advertising, you can win high
or top search positions depending on the performance of your ad campaigns. If you increase your
quality score, you might be able to secure better ad positions without high bids. Being Bing advertising
experts, we can help you on this journey and develop a reputation for quality ads. Once Microsoft
realises your potential, you might be able to stretch your budget even further.

We will report to you on the performance of the marketing campaign. Microsoft provides helpful
analytics that can help improve the ads we develop and the keywords we associate with your business
and its products and services. In your Microsoft Ads account (which we manage for you) you can see
helpful statistics including: ad clicks, the number of times your ad appeared (impressions), spend,
average cost-per-click, click-through rate, average ad position, cost per acquisition and conversions.
We can also run performance reports to get insights into how well your campaigns are doing.

Reach more people, engage with a market
Being Bing advertising experts, we can help you
develop a reputation for quality bing ads.